Women in Engineering (WIE) is a student body association within Concordia University that aims to provide female engineering and computer science students with academic, social and professional support along their educational path. The engineering profession is a driving force in improving society; WIE seeks to continue this mission as well as to create an inclusive environment to promote diversity within the engineering community. In 2018, Concordia became the first school in Canada to name an engineering faculty after a woman. Now, known as the Gina Cody school of engineering and computer science, Concordia supports our cause to empower and inspire. WIE events, in particular the outreach programs, encourage young women to explore engineering as a career option all while engaging in mentorship and professional development with WIE members.


WIE’s vision is to promote a culture of inclusiveness and provide a nurturing atmosphere that will foster the growth of members’ professional, academic, leadership and social skills. Currently, only 20% of students who enroll in engineering programs across Canada are women, and of those, only 12.8% go on to become professionally licensed engineers. To address this disparity, WIE has initiated many different programs including engineering enrichment at Roslyn Elementary school and engineering workshops for high school students.