Carolyn Phan

Hey guys! My name is Carolyn Phan and I am currently in my third year of Industrial Engineering. I absolutely loved being Vice-President of Social Affairs last year and decided that I was ready for the challenge of being President this upcoming year. I quickly discovered WIE as I attended their Wine & Cheese event as a first year student two years ago.

WIE is a very welcoming society and I encourage you to come see us if you have any questions! We work hard in bridging the gender gap in STEM fields with our outreach workshops and hope to provide more opportunities for our fellow female ENCS students. If I were to give some advice to other fellow students it would be to get involved with student associations as soon as possible since they are very rewarding and will make your university experience even better! I hope to continue expanding WIE’s horizon and am confident this will be the case with such a great team!