The WIE Outreach program is one of the most important parts of WIE, and is active in the wider Montreal community. Through its implementation, it hopes to inform and inspire female students, as well as build their confidence so that they are able to pursue careers in engineering. It also aspires to increase digital and technical literacy. If you want WIE to come give a workshop at your school or want to be a part of the team and volunteer, email: outreach.wie@ecaconcordia.ca

Elementary School Activities

WIE is a regular visitor to several elementary schools (ex. Roslyn Elementary), where the society hosts weekly science activities during classes. Students are taught engineering principles and are given an opportunity to apply these principles by solving design problems.


High school students are encountered with more advanced workshops. Sponsoring companies can choose to come up with their own problems for the students that center around the company’s field of work. The goal of these workshops is to engage the students and make them think critically by applying more advanced engineering principles to real-world problems. An example of a past company-sponsored event is a workshop that was hosted by Ericsson. The students had the opportunity to get hands on experience on what to do when disaster strikes through cable crimping, antenna mounting and radio communication.


WIE represents Concordia University at CEGEPs during Open Houses and career fairs. During women’s week, WIE holds interactive presentations designed to encourage young women to pursue engineering as a career path. The WIE booth is decorated with a banner and informational brochures. Attending career fairs and open houses are great opportunities for WIE to connect with students and convey a passion for engineering while dispelling some common stereotypes and misconceptions about the field. Especially when presenting to older students, career fairs are an excellent way for sponsors to showcase their company as a future employer and an avid supporter for inclusiveness in STEM.