Outreach Program


WIE Change the World Conference

This conference was successfully done at Villa-Maria High School in 2015-2016 and will be performed at the end of November 2016 (Date TBA) at Sacred Heart High School. WIE provides students with a case study which allows the development of problem-solving skills on an engineering level. Students spend two days studying a real-life problem, finding the root causes and creating a formal presentation of recommendations of improvement. This approach allows students to experience the problem-solving side of Engineering.

Elementary School Outreach

WIE has been collaborating with Roselyn Elementary school for the last 3 years. We visit every Thursday from 1:30 pm to 3:30 pm to hold science workshops for Grade 5 & 6 students. Some of the activities include building bridges potato battery, building a geodesic dome and more. These activities help to encourage students to take an interest in science at an early age.

High School & CEGEP Outreach

WIE represent Concordia University at high schools and CEGEPs and hold interactive presentations on choosing Engineering as a career path. Students, especially young women, often lack the knowledge or are misinformed about Engineering. Therefore, our WIE representatives visit to inform students about the broad field of Engineering, the Concordia University experience, the rewarding industry and its problem-solving nature. We are present to inspire young women to and young men to support their fellow peers. All the material, including the presentation is ready for you! Our directors will help with any questions, as well as attend and participate with you the day of the event

3D Printing Workshop 

This workshop is scheduled to occur in Winter 2017 at Villa Maria High School. This initiative is a way to introduce students to 3D technology and the basics of design. The competition will help students learn how to approach a design process within the given constraints and how to use web based software as a tool to accomplish their task. Students are exposed computer design and see their product come to life.

Community Outreach

WIE has been maintaining our relationship with Logifem Women’s Shelter and Southeast Asian Women Community Centre. We believe it’s important to understand the needs of community centres and gathering a team to respond to these needs. At SAWCC, WIE representatives teach basic computer skills and help with resume writing that may help the women find a job. This year, we will be visiting Fridays, either morning or evening.