What is WIE Outreach?

WIE Outreach is a part of WIE. It works in the wider Montreal community. Through its programming, it hopes to inform and inspire female students, as well as build their confidence so that they are able to pursue careers in engineering. It also aspires to increase digital and technical literacy.

School Outreach:
Elementary School: WIE Outreach teaches 2 classes at a local elementary school. Students are taught engineering principles and are given an opportunity to apply the principles by solving design problem.

High School: WIE Outreach attends career fairs and makes presentations in high schools. Last year, WIE directors made presentations at 2 high schools. WIE Outreach will be holding a 3-D printing competition in a high school in 2015 and hopes to expand this to more high schools in the future.

CEGEP: WIE Outreach will also attend career fairs and make presentations in CEGEPS. Last year, we visited Dawson College and Vanier College.

Community Outreach:
WIE Outreach goes to a women’s shelter biweekly to work with patrons on their computer skills. This year, WIE Outreach will be teaching a weekly computer class at the South Asian Women’s Community Center.


WIE Outreach team is always looking for new volunteers and schools to partner with. If you would like WIE to design a program for your school, or if you are interested in helping out, visit the Outreach Opportunities webpage and please contact us at: outreach.wie@ecaconcordia.ca.