Our goal with the mentorship program is to match up female CEGEP students with Women that are currently studying Engineering at Concordia in an effort to give guidance to the students that are interested in a career in STEM. We decided to have female mentors and mentees because of the specific experience and hardships that come with being a woman in STEM. Our mentors would offer help in areas such as internships, university applications, questions about the Concordia environment and our programs, and many more. This is a great opportunity for the students especially in the current challenges we collectively faced during the pandemic. For any questions pertaining to our program, please contact our VP Outreach, Ruma, at  outreach.wie@ecaconcordia.ca.



Interested in helping young women about to enter University with a smooth transition? Become a mentor with our new program! We’re looking for dedicated individuals who are hoping to inspire and help out some soon-to-be GCES students learn the ropes. You’ll be a guide and a friend to the newcoming young women with a thirst for knowledge!


Our mentors want to help young women about to enter University with the transition by answering any questions they may have about the process, the courses, Concordia in general, or anything else.  Sign up as a mentee if you’re interested in having a current University student and WIE Ambassador be your guide and friend!