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Karina Bagryan & Fariha Kamal – Co Presidents

We are currently in our final year of Building Engineering and we’ve been close friends since the first day of school. Being active participants in university events has always been important to us and this is why we joined WIE during the first days of our frosh. From then on, we have shared two positions, the Outreach and Social VP. Now, being co-Presidents, our goal is to expand WIE’s horizon, as well as bridge the gap between men and women in this field. We hope to provide more opportunities for the female demographic with our future events. We are very lucky and excited to have such a great team to help us with it!


Shivangi Saini – VP External

Hi! This is my second year as a Computer Engineering student and I’m very excited to be a part of WIE’s executive team! As women, I believe it is our role to not only show the importance of the engineering discipline in society but also, to encourage young girls to explore science and technology as a potential career option. This year, WIE has many new exciting events planned, so be sure to join us!


Carolyn Phan – VP of Social Affairs

Hey! My name is Carolyn Phan and I’m in my second year of Industrial Engineering. In my first year at Concordia, I attended the Wine and Cheese event hosted by WIE. At first, I was a bit hesitant to attend the event since I didn’t know many people. However, I am really grateful for having gone as I got to meet great people that I am friends with today. I would like other students to have the opportunity to network with others. WIE is a very welcoming society and we have a lot of exciting social and networking events planned out for our fellow ENCS students!!


Sarah Chabli – Director of Social Affairs

Hi, my name is Sarah Chabli and I’m completing my second year as an Industrial Engineering student. This year, I will be joining the WIE team as a Director of Social Events. I am very excited to be apart of such a dynamic team. I believe that through our dedication, we will make this year an unforgettable one. I strongly encourage girls (and boys) in Engineering to participate in our activities, networking events and volunteering opportunities. Don’t miss out – stay updated with our social media pages!


Julia Pillo – VP Finance

Hi I’m Julia and I’m a fourth year Mechanical Engineering student. This is my second year being a part of women in engineering. Last year, I was the Director of Social Events. I was able to learn about the committee and helped create, plan, and prepare the events for WIE. This year, I’ve decided to become more involved as the VP Finance for our team. I look forward to seeing everyone at our events and please don’t hesitate to ask if you have any questions!


Paula Dagher & Luca Ferrara – Co VPs of Outreach

Hey! It’s Paula and Luca and we’re Co-VP Outreach! We are both currently in our second year of Civil and Building Engineering. This year, we hope to expand our outreach program by visiting more schools and by organizing a 3D printing competition. We both entered the engineering program with a vague idea of what engineering really is. As we continue our studies, we hope to inform young female students about the engineering world. We wish to inspire and interest young girls in the domain of science through informative sessions and engineering related activities.


Lydia Nazeer – VP Internal

Hi, my name is Lydia and I’m in my fourth year in Building Engineering. As VP Internal I will keep you informed with upcoming social and networking events. We are excited for another great year in WIE to connect students with one another and professionals within the field. Stay tuned for our newsletters and we hope to see you at our events!


Hannah Halcro – VP of Marketing

I’m currently in my second year of Aerospace Engineering, and my second year on the WIE exec. I’m driven by a desire to build space robots, and to promote the idea that everyone can build robots if they want to. I’m excited to be back as a part of WIE. Here’s to another great year!


Brendan Blencowe – Webmaster

Hi my name is Brendan and I am in my fourth year of Computer Science. Like many of my engineering fellows, I support women in this field of education as well as the engineering industry. I always enjoyed working with female leaders and never regarded them differently from male peers. Therefore, I chose to help WIE close the gap between men and women in the engineering field and encourage other men to do so.