About Us

Women in Engineering aims to provide female engineering and computer science students with academic, social, and professional support along their educational path at Concordia University. We also encourage their involvement in various competitive teams and social events of Concordia University’s Engineering & Computer Science Association and those professional societies advocating their respective disciplines. To this end, we have held multiple events such as wine and cheese and professional workshops. We endeavour to promote a culture of inclusiveness and provide a nurturing atmosphere that will foster the growth of members’ professional, academic, leadership, and social skills. Additionally, through our outreach division, we initiate programs both within and outside the university community, which serve to promote engineering and computer science to women of all ages and races. Programs initiated include engineering enrichment at Roslyn Elementary school, computer classes for women at a local shelter, and a 3D printing competition for high school students.

Note: Women in Engineering does not discriminate and is open to students of all genders.